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Bentley Engineering Design Software Solutions

Bentley delivers solutions for the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure asset, tailored to the needs of the various professions the engineers, architects, planners, contractors, fabricators, IT managers, operators and maintenance engineers who will work on and work with that asset over its lifetime. Comprised of integrated applications and services built on an open platform, each solution is designed to ensure that information flows between workflow processes and project team members to enable interoperability and collaboration.

Bentleys solutions reflect the rich domain expertise of our software development teams enhanced by our strategic acquisitions as well as our active engagement with our user organizations. Our solutions are further extended through our Be Communities professional networking website, created specifically to empower the sharing of best practices, ideas and content by infrastructure solutions communities.


The Bentley bridge solution is the most extensive offering in the industry, composed of a family of software that addresses virtually any bridge type, both existing and new structures.


The Bentley BIM solution empowers the design, construction, and operation of all types of buildings and facilities around the world. Generative Design lets architects and engineers pursue designs and achieve results that were virtually unthinkable before.


The digital campus model is an enterprise solution to facilitate design collaboration, support construction delivery and leverage facility information for operations and maintenance.


The Bentley communications solution delivers easy-to-use field or Web viewing tools, intelligent engineering work order creation, sophisticated network engineering and end-to-end network modelling and management.


Bentley offers a comprehensive solution for the factory lifecycle. The digital factory solution comprises an integrated network of digital models, methodologies, and toolboxes that integrate the planning and design of manufacturing facilities with the manufacturing process.


All the necessary tools for the registration and maintenance of parcels and parcel-related data for governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as those needed to develop, realize and maintain any land development project, regardless of industry.

Mining and Metals

The Bentley solution for mining and metals offers both short term and long term benefits to help increase the efficiency of capital projects associated with the design, procurement, and construction of mines and processing plants.

Power Generation

The Bentley solution for Power Generation delivers an integrated suite of applications encompassing all engineering disciplines involved in the design, construction and retrofit of many types of power generation facility fossil, nuclear and renewable.

Process Manufacturing

The Bentley solution for process manufacturing provides a comprehensive solution for conceptual design, detail design, operation and maintenance with applications that natively support the ISO15926 data model and data connectors from existing applications that facilitate interoperability across the plant lifecycle.

Rail and Transit

Bentley delivers the solution for the rail and transit lifecycle, from data collection and design to maintenance and capital project planning. Bentley is a proven, trusted supplier to the worlds rail community.


Transportation authorities and engineering consultants around the world depend on Bentley road solutions, which have repeatedly proven their value on projects with the most demanding requirements. In North America, these tools are the standard for 47 of the 50 U.S. state departments of transportation, the FHWA, USDOT, and the U.S. Army COE.


From 3D substation layout, cable wiring and management, transmission corridor visualization to distribution design and estimating, Bentley has the solution to design, build, and operate the utility of the future.

Water and Wastewater

Bentleys fully-integrated water and wastewater solution has capabilities in mapping and data management, information sharing and collaboration, hydraulics simulation and analysis, design and construction documentation, field engineering and inspection, and operations and maintenance.