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Application Integration

FuTech - Systems develops dynamic interfaces from the Maximo database to the client third party system(s). Development of interfaces greatly expands the functionality and usability of FuTech - Systems in many organizations.

With an application interface, data is seamlessly transferred between applications providing timely, accurate and reliable data from a single source. This allows information to be shared across your departments and divisions with ease. It also reduces the possibility of islands of information being created that serve only one departments needs.

Interfaces help:

  • Remove shadow systems from an organization
  • Reduce overhead activities and costs
  • Improve the integrity of the information used for decision-making

A FuTech - Systems project manager, along with our integration team, will work with you to configure the integration as efficiently as possible. Our commitment is minimizing start-up costs to keep the project on-time and on-budget.

Sample of Integration Gateway

  • MAXLINK for DCS/BMS System Integration
  • MAXDOC BRIDG Gateway for Bentley Engineering Document Management System EDMS

Asset / Inventory Survey

The lack of good data about the assets/inventory owned by a facility can slow down a successful CMMS/EAM implementation. Many clients begin a software implementation only to discover they do not have the resources needed to survey and enter their asset and inventory data. FuTech - Systems has a trained, efficient staff dedicated to gathering and inputting this data so that the software can be used to its fullest capacity.

When the survey is finished, the client has a complete database of maintainable items linked to preventive maintenance (PM) schedules derived from industry standards such as RS Means and manufacturer O&M manuals. These PM schedules are balanced over a 12-month period to eliminate any peaks and valleys that could impact your labor scheduling.

With FuTech - Systems Asset/Inventory survey service, turnaround and implementation time are greatly reduced.

Asset/ Inventory Survey Services Includes but not limited to:

  • Plant Location Hierarchy.
  • Asset Data Collection.
  • Asset Location Association.
  • Asset Classification.
  • Asset / Location Criticality Assessment.
  • Asset Spare Parts Association.
  • Spare Parts Classification.


FuTech - Systems consultants have years of experience with CMMS/EAM installations, and understand asset maintenance needs in various industries. Consultants are available to help you identify gaps and improve operations in your maintenance program.


FuTech - Systems recognizes that it is often more expedient for clients to have software that fits into their business processes rather than the other way around. Unlike other maintenance management products, FuTech - Systems offers the flexibility and configurability to handle nearly all of our customers' needs without customization. However, FuTech - Systems does offer customization services for those who require more. Each custom request is discussed, outlined in a specification, priced and documented for your approval before any work commences.

Data Conversion

We understand that you already have important data you want to retain and access when needed. Thats why we employ skilled data conversion experts to move that data into our FuTech - Systems program. Our experts will work with you to

  • Develop a list of information that must be downloaded from other systems
  • Provide a detailed description of the information to be converted
  • Determine the best possible method of downloading and converting the data into the relational table structure of the database

The actual conversion does not occur until you approve the conversion plan and a conversion date is established. When finished, the program will contain your data and be ready for immediate use.


Software installation can make or break an implementation project. Thats why FuTech - Systems prefers to install the software for you at your site. While there is nothing complicated about the installation process, our experienced installers know the program and the "ins and outs" that are required to install the program the right way the first time. They know the questions to ask of your network personnel to finish the installation efficiently resulting in a program that is ready to be used immediately.

Project Management

Competent, efficient project management ensures that any project undertaken by FuTech - Systems will be completed on-time and on-budget. FuTech - Systems project managers follow Project Management Institute standards and guidelines as outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). The key to a successful project is the ability to identify and clarify both the project scope and schedule at project onset to minimize misunderstandings later in the project. Scope changes are managed through a change control process that ensures all changes are well thought out, fully understood and approved before being implemented. FuTech - Systems project managers know the value of successful communication and are in direct touch with key stakeholders throughout the life of the project. All stakeholders are kept apprised of the project status on an ongoing, routine basis until everyone agrees the project is complete.

Technical Support

We understand that technical support is an important part of any successful maintenance management operation. Our support personnel are experienced and certified in using our FuTech - Systems products. We provide toll-free telephone, fax, and email support through our Support Services Department. We also provide support by remote access via a live computer link so that we can look directly at your problem and resolve it quickly.


FuTech - Systems offers training programs designed to fit your needs. Our project manager will work with you to develop a robust training program or revise an existing plan while keeping training costs to a minimum. Our training programs are very flexible and include on-site training, video conference training or computer based training, or a combination. Follow-up training is always available as well.

  • Open Schools, held at FuTech - Systems learning centres, are open to users from different companies and provide an excellent opportunity to learn from and share with peers in other industries.
  • Customer Site Schools, held at customer premises, are a convenient and cost-effective way to train number of users at the same time.
  • Client-focused Training is specialized training developed at your request to address your companys unique needs. This training is provided by a dedicated consultant-trainer, who works with you to build a program tailored to specific, even one-time needs. Our trainers can work with groups or with individuals.